Its been four years since Ibrahima Ndiaye’s conjoined twins were born in Senegal and given only a few days to live…

In May 2016 the twins were born and in May 2017 Ndiaye moved his family to the UK with hope of better medical care for his young daughters – which he found at Great Ormond Street Hospital writes Wales Online .

Now, as they approach their fifth birthday in May, Marieme and Ndeye have started primary school in London. They are also learning to stand and walk with the help of staff at Tŷ Hafan Children’s Hospice,

“This social and emotional care is part of the holistic care we provide to our families, and this has enabled the family to settle in Cardiff, continue to receive the medical care they need and even start primary school,” says Tŷ Hafan Children’s Hospice.

(Image Source: Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice)


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According to their, father, the girls are popular among peers at their new school and are making new friends every day.

Ndiaye told Wales Online that the sisters have very different personalities; Ndeye is more outspoken and makes friends easily while Marieme is more reserved and shy.


Marieme suffers from a weak heart

As conjoined twins sometimes share organs and rely on each other for survival, doctors grew worried over Marieme’s condition when the twins were two years old, her heart weakening, and she was mainly being kept alive by her sister Ndeye.

The medical team considered separating the two in order to save Ndeye, but later discovered the girls’ circulatory systems were closely linked and they would not survive without the other.

Marieme relies on oxygen from her sister’s stronger heart and has a number of complex issues with breathing and exercise. Watch the sweet video below:


The girls are continuing to thrive despite their difficult circumstances.



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