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South African actress and television presenter, Gabisile Tshabalala, has shared an honest post on her Instagram page.

The star revealed in a video she posted recently that it has not been easy to lose weight after giving birth to her son last year.

Gabisile is a mother of five, she has two biological children and three adoptive children with her husband.

She shared a video of her working out and also revealed when she had started working out again after having her second child.

“It’s almost a month since I started with gym (again)and I’m loving it… My body is reacting very well to the workouts,” she started off the caption of the video.

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In the video, she can be seen doing different kinds of exercises from lunges to weight lifting and squats.

Gabisile opened up about how she had to prepare herself mentally first before she hit the gym.

“I must say it’s not an easy journey but I had to prepare myself mentally first. I told myself that I am my own competition, I wanna do better than what Gabi did yesterday and I’m not quitting no matter what.”

She also shared that her son is now nine months and she is not like those lucky moms who just snap back after giving birth.

“Unfortunately I’m not one of those lucky celeb moms who just snap back after giving birth how I wish…. mara I must work and that’s ok,” she said.


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Fellow actress and mother of one Simphiwe Ngema agreed with Gabisile when she commented on her post. “Same here. Gotta work extra hard to snap back,” Simphiwe said.

Other fans said: “Trust the process we build bodies not buy mtase !!Well done keep pushing” with another saying: “@gabisilet you are doing really really well mommy. Honestly. I look up to you. I’m going to be serious too now. And thank you for those videos they really do motivate us/me.”

“You are your own competition my child…Remember, it starts with the mind,” Gabisile captioned another workout video.


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Go Gabisile!

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