Demi-Leigh Tebow shared a throwback video of her first time ever skiing. She and Tim took off to the wintery hills of Whitefish Montana where Demi took to the slopes.

Skiing is not an easy sport for beginners to master – much worse if you’re from South Africa and aren’t used to the temperatures below zero degrees calcius! But one South African who overcame the icy cold to conquer the slopes is Demi-Leigh Tebow, who recently shared a video of her first time skiing. The former Miss Universe looked overjoyed to be in winter-wonderland as she and her hubby enjoyed a cosy getaway in the mountains.

Demi-Leigh is a fast learner!

Like we said above, it takes a bit of time to get the ropes of Skiing. Usually, new skiiers fall down – a lot – and some throw in the towel soon afterwards after getting fed up with being fed a face full of snow. However, Demi-Leigh Tebow has never been a quitter and it came as no surprise that she found her feet – or rather her ski boots – very quickly when she went on her first-ever ski trip with hubby Tim Tebow.

The lovers darted off to the wintery paradise that is Whitefish, in the state of Montana USA – on the opposite end of the country entirely from their much warmer home in Florida – for a frosty vacation which saw them ski and enjoy some beautiful one on one time together.

Demi-Leigh threw back to their getaway as she wrote on Instagram, “A little #tbt to my first time in -20 degree weather, with ski’s on my feet taking on back country powder (which on this trip I learned was a version of unmanageable snow for a first time skier lol). Swipe for IG vs Reality All jokes aside, what a blessing to experience this stunning part of God’s creation – Montana you’re a beaut”

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Demi And Tim’s beautiful getaways

This was just the latest in a series of beautiful holidays which Demi-Leigh and Tim Tebow have enjoyed since they began dating (and indeed since they got married). The power couple makes a regular habit of traveling when they get their chance.

Most recently, the lovebirds treated us to pictures of a delightful and relaxing beach holiday on the coast of Florida. Despite the fact that it’s winter in America, these two are fortunate enough to live in a State that doesn’t get too cold during winter.

Where do you think Demi and Tim should travel to next?