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The Guinness World Record holder for the oldest female competitive bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd is 85 this year. While she may not be competing she’s still training and helping others get into shape

This grandma’s fit physique has shocked many and defied age, making her look much younger than she actually is. It might be hard to believe that Ernestine was once a self-professed prissy-couch potato’, but decided to start aerobics at the age of 56 and fell in the love with the gym.

Ernestine shared her fitness routine and her diet with fitnessclone and we are taking notes. 

What does and 85-year-old fitness fanatic eat? 

Ernestine eats 5-6 lean meals a day and is very strict with her sugar and salt intake. 

She takes her protein seriously and eats about 120 grams of lean protein every day. It isn’t just about her appearance, it’s also about her health. Along with processed foods, sweets and other ‘junk food’ Ernestine has also cut out most red meat and doesn’t eat beef and processed carbohydrates at all.

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She still works out

Ernestine insists in all her interviews that her exercise routine and training programme for her clients is all about self-love and loving the body you’re in. 

Ernestine starts her days with a run, she runs 5km in 28 minutes as the cardio part of her workout routine. She does all this with her hair and makeup perfectly done. For the strength training portion, Ernestine still enjoys lifting weights and keeps her muscles lean and toned.


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