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Mother-daughter relationships are not always easy, but when done right they are always filled with love and unique beauty

The relationship between Marybeth Kersey and her mother Lynn Hier has always been close. Now it will be even closer as Lynn wears a part of her daughter as she goes through her second cancer recovery. 

Lynn told that her daughter giving her a wig made of her own hair was a gift of love. Wearing the wig made Lynn feel beautiful and like her self n during her second and final battle with terminal cancer. 

Marybeth and Lynn are the best of friends

Michigan based mom, Lynn, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 while Marybeth was in college. Although it was hard on them both, Lynn was determined to be strong for her daughter through her treatment., Reports that even after her mothers first cancer diagnosis, Marybeth wanted to donate some of her hair to have a wig made for her mother. Her mother refused and faced cancer bravely and won. 

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A month before Marybeth’s wedding, Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer again, but this time it was terminal. Lynn was told she had 1-3 years left.

Marybeth told the broadcaster her mother was her best friend; she would do anything for her. As her mother lost her hair, determined to make her mother as comfortable and happy as possible during this time, Marybeth had 12 inches of her own hair cut to make a wig for her mother.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it

The decision to have her hair cut was not a difficult one for Marybeth to make. Having the wig made was not easy, but it was eventually done.

Lynn always loved her daughter’s hair. She told the Detroit news channel that wearing the wig made her feel beautiful and normal even though her difficult treatment.

For Marybeth, it is a small kindness to a woman she says devoted her whole life to her as a daughter. 




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Lynn and her daughter will be even closer now as Lynn wears a part of her daughter as she goes through her second cancer recovery.

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