Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 04:03 pm

This proud dad who was born without arms or legs has made the headlines for raising two daughters who were abandoned by their mum shortly after being born.

The story of Pablo Acuna, 60, went viral on social networks before local media in Paraguay reported on it in late January.

Acuna incredibly managed to raise two daughters who are now aged 26 and 29 with the help of his mum despite the fact he was born with no arms or fully-formed legs.

The family had also been abandoned by the girls’ biological mum when the youngest was just four months old.

The images show Acuna being carried on what appears to be a wooden wheelbarrow with a compartment where locals can donate money to help out.

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Pablo Acuna at his house. (Newsflash/

His family praised his incredible efforts

His youngest daughter named Elida Acuna, 26, told local media: “My father is my world. He is my friend, confidant and the best father I could ask for.”

She said besides using his nose to control the TV remote and his mobile phone, he basically needs assistance with everything else.

Elida added she decided to leave her life in Argentina and move back in with her father to help care for him as her grandmother Ignacia, 90, is now longer able to do it on her own.

Elida said she never saw her father sad or upset over their situation and despite never attending school, he offers her wise advice.

She added that he is “the best father in the world”.

Pablo Acuna at his house. (Newsflash/
Pablo Acuna at his house.(Newsflash/