Our budgets are getting tighter. The price of everyday things and are monthly bills are both rising. But our incomes seem to, somehow be less than it was last month

Throwing out the food you’ve already paid an arm and a leg for is heartbreaking. Stop the heartbreak with this handy food storage and preservation hacks that will keep your groceries fresh and edible for longer.

A cheesy trick

If you didn’t know why children from wealthy families are called ‘cheese girls’ and ‘cheese boys’, you will understand the next time you buy a block of cheese. It’s expensive!
Buying cheese in big slabs can make a difference to your monthly budget if you use up a lot of cheese.
To make the most of your big slabs of cheese, you need to make sure to preserve it for as long as it lasts in your fridge.
It is important to keep cheese dry. Plastic wrap isn’t always the best way to do this.
Separate your block of cheese into weekly portions and wrap it in parchment paper, then put it into a ziplock bag. This sets your weekly cheese budget and leaves the cheese for the coming weeks dry. It will last longer without mould.

Freeze leftovers

We’ve all heard of freezing leftover food. It just isn’t for everyone, but freezing leftover stock, tomato paste and tinned tomatoes is definitely for everyone.
This low effort way to preserve leftover ingredients won’t change the taste of your food but means a little goes a long way.
Many recipes call for a teaspoon of tomatoes paste, half a tin of tomatoes or a cup of stock. To get the ingredients, you sometimes have to open a package you cannot reseal.
Portion out leftovers into the amounts needed for your recipes and freeze them for next time.

Keep potatoes and onions apart

Bulk veggies can be a great saving until your veggies start sprouting in your basket and become unusable.
Potatoes are known as the king of food because they are hearty, filling meal stretchers that are also budget-friendly can pad your food budget a considerable amount.
Keep your potatoes in a cool dark and dry place away from your onions to preserve them. Tossing an apple into the bag of potatoes will also help preserve them by releasing ethylene gas which naturally preserves them.

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If you wash it you need to dry it

With so many fears from COVID-19 to insecticides, many people have gotten into the habit of washing their produce as soon as they get home and pack it away clean.
This is a great habit especially with children who grab and eat in your home. It is important to dry your produce off properly before you pack it away because damp food quickly becomes mouldy food.
Use your dish wrack to dry off fruits and veggies overnight, or wash them only when you’re ready to eat them to keep them fresher for longer.

Bath your berries

Berries are another expensive luxury. Most people can’t afford to buy berries regularly. When you do have berries, you should be able to enjoy them until the punnet is finished.
Soak your fresh berries in a bath of vinegar water before packing them away. This removes not just the possible traces of pesticides that could be on your berries but also the bacteria that could make your berries mouldy and rotten before their time.
Rinse your freshly bathed berries and dry them thoroughly before storing them.


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