Inspired by the opinion stirring news of Lionel Richie’s new romance with Lisa Parigi, who is 40 years his junior.

The Jacaranda FM breakfast team spoke to South African couple, Trezel and Wilson about their 51year age gap love.

He ‘walked into her life’ and stayed

Without mentioning their age, 29-year-old Trezel and her 80-year-old husband sound like any other happily in love couple. They finish each other’s sentences and interrupt each other with adorable additions to the story of how they met. 

“I always say, I actually walked into her life,” Wilson told the shows, listeners describing how they first met. 

During an event for the newspaper Trezel worked, for Wilson saw that Trezel was sitting alone as well and decided to join her. On that Friday night, Trezel accepted the older man’s company and began the whirlwind romance that saw happily married two years after they first met.

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Image from Facebook: Age gap diaries

 Their ages are a lifetime apart, but they have a lot in common

Although Trezel was not instantly attracted to Wilson, she says she enjoyed speaking to him that night. She felt warm and kind energy from him as they spoke until the early hours of the morning. 

Trezel can’t help but gush, “he is a bit of a diva and charmer,” she tells the radio shows host Martin Bester. 

“He lied about his age” 

Trezel admits she has a history of dating older men, but didn’t expect to find herself in a relationship with a man over 50 years older than her. 

“He lied at first. He said he was 63, and I remember thinking he looked good for his age. I thought he was in his 50s,” she says.

A few weeks into their relationship Trezel says she suspected Wilson was hiding something and asked him about it. Days later Wilson confessed he had lied about his age and was actually 76 at the time. 

“When he called and said there was something he needed to tell me, I just thought ‘oh no he’s married,” remembers Trezel.

Wilsons secret to staying young

While the marriage has definitely set tongues wagging with some social media users saying they couldn’t possibly imagine a satisfying romance for the 29-year old woman from her much older pensioner husband, but Trezel has describes Wilson as a “very attentive lover”. 

Wilson’s secret to staying young and keeping up with his young wife? A good diet with no alcohol or smoking, he shared during the interview. Wilson also likes to keep both the body and mind active and rests when he needs to.

Laugh away the hate

Trezel says she is aware of social media critics and says she simply isn’t phased, and she and her husband shrug off the comments and enjoy each other love.

Wilson also shrugs off being mistaken for Trezels father and even her grandfather because along with all the other misconceptions people have about their relationship. 

The love birds are proud of their love and share their chronicles on their Facebook page ‘Age gap diaries’ and hope to release a book about their romance soon. 

Listen to the Jacaranda FM interview




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