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While some women only deal with weight gain during pregnancy, some may end up having to buy a whole wardrobe full of new shoes as their feet permanently change size!

One cannot deny how life-changing pregnancy and childbirth are. Not only do families welcome a new child, but the women carrying the baby experience major changes. The body goes through a lot to accommodate a baby in utero, and the body also transforms. Some transformations are more permanent than others. While your lungs move back to their place, your body weight might not.

The most shocking change new moms experience is a permanent additional shoe size or two!

According to the health journal Live Science, 60% of women are reported to have larger feet after giving birth. The research reported by Live Science stated that the extra weight carried by women during pregnancy could be the major cause of a flattened arch, which results in a larger foot. So get ready to potentially buy new shoes, mama.

South African moms shared some of their changes on a local forum. Maletsatsi Lebesa and Zanele Kotsi gained two shoe sizes after giving birth to their children. Meletsatsi used to fit in a size five shoe, and now fits in a size eight. Zanele was a size six before she became a mom and now wears a whooping size eight. None of them are impressed with any of it.

Miracle twin” mom Serialong Snyman’s shoe size also moved from a 6 up to a 7.5.

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Some of the more typical changes that moms experience include:

  • No more perky boobs
  • Stretch marks
  • Fat upper pubic area (FUPA)
  • Skin pigmentation and acne
  • Shedding of hair
  • Short-term memory loss

Yvonne Nadine says “I no longer feel period pains”, and Maribeng Judith is proud to add that “I no longer have pimples.” Gauteng-based mom Lungelo Zungu can corroborate the period pains adjustment and experiences none after she gave birth. They received messages of congratulations for women still going through the challenges of womanhood.

While other moms enjoy pain-free periods, Lesego Malema-Thubakgale’s periods moved from 5 days, to take between 8-10 days. This hormonal change has also affected her sex drive, and she can’t go beyond a single round.

This is a reminder of how different human bodies are, and how dissimilar the journey can affect moms.



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