Not so long ago, there were very few roles for older women in Hollywood. Things have changed

Actresses like Meryl Streep reached their peak after 40, and over 30 years later, she’s still wowing audiences with her flawless performances and remarkable storytelling ability. 

At 71, you would not mistake Meryl Streep for a woman in her 20s or even her 30’s, but there is no denying she is gorgeous!

Here is how Meryl Streep is ageing gracefully 

It starts with great skin

The basis of every good beauty routine or look is great skin. This can be hard to come by as we age. Aside from the loss of elasticity, skin can become dry and more sensitive. 

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The secret to Meryl’s glowing skin is something we could all do, and all benefit from because it’s free. 

Journalist Fi Glover has spoken to several publications about meeting Meryl Streep and the actress telling her never to touch her face. 

It’s tempting, but your hands carry dirt and bacteria from everything you touch, and that ends up on your face, where it stays for hours until you finally wash your face. 

According to Healthline, when you avoid touching your face, you can help prevent acne and other bacteria-related skin conditions.

A little makeup goes a long way

When you’re feeling insecure about your appearance, it’s tempting to pile on the makeup to try and hide flaws. However, one of the most refreshing things about Meryl is her barely-there make up.

Beauty experts agree that “more makeup makes you look older” and isn’t flattering at all. 

Meryl takes her barely-there make up from errands to the red carpet, although she sometimes plays it up a little with bolder eye shadow or bright red lipstick. She usually sticks to a combination of nudes and dewy skin. 

Full thick hair is her crown

Finding the odd grey hair on your head is not as terrifying as it was before, thanks to the grey hair trend

While Meryl has shown up in a number of hair colours for her roles and herself, the real secret to her ‘ageless hair’ is how full her hair is. 

According to Cleveland Clinic, hair loss and thinning hair is an avoidable sign of ageing.

Through specialised hair care and a stylist who understands the texture of her hair (so he can detect changes as soon as they happen), Meryl has managed to keep her hair in grey, blond and every colour she chooses.  

For over 30 years, Meryl Streep has kept the same hairstylist Roy Helland, who also does her makeup for her performances and appearances. 



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