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The story of Rebecca Roberts, a 39-year-old UK mom who gave birth to twins that were conceived at different times has taken the world by storm.

South African moms have been particularly amazed by this phenomenon, some even refusing to believe the validity of the story.

However, a number of SA moms opened up about their own experiences with superfetation. This rare phenomenon leads to a second egg being fertilised – during an existing pregnancy. We share some of their stories below:

Superfetation means that these moms fell pregnant twice during the same pregnancy cycle.


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Pretoria-based mom, Serialong Snyman gave birth to these miracle twins four years ago

On 15 August 2015, she gave birth to Bogosi and Bogolo who were born at 1.9 kg and 1.925 kg respectively. Serialong and her medical team only ‘discovered’ the second baby 13 weeks after her initial appointment with a gynaecologist. The doctor only saw one sac during that first visit.

They were born at the 32-week mark, spent three weeks in neonatal care (NICU) and both were diagnosed with pneumonia and jaundice.

When they left the hospital they weighed 2 kg and 2.3 kg.

Now they are strong and healthy, and almost four years old!

Serialong Snyman and her twins at birth vs now
Serialong Snyman and her twins at birth and the twins now. (Image: Supplied)


Gloria Ngwenya found out she was expecting twins after collapsing at work, unaware that she was pregnant!

The medical staff at Rahima Moosa paid close attention to her case because scans indicated that her twins were a week apart. One was older than the other with every test and measurement they could run. The specialists confirmed that it was a case of superfetation.

Because the twins were conceived at different times and were in separate amniotic sacs, Gloria’s twins were born 30-minutes apart. She had to be induced for her youngest daughter to be born.

Quantanya Belhaj’s story is similar to Rebecca from the UK

Her twins were conceived 2 weeks apart, and born two minutes apart. She only found out about the second baby at her six months check-up!

Her first appointment at eleven weeks only showed one foetus. So, for three months after that, she thought she was only having one baby. So the news of the second took her world by surprise. “The only words I could get out was, thank God. These two made up for my two miscarriages,” Quantanya shares.

Jo’burg expecting mom Sibulele Nomalala is 24-weeks pregnant with miracle twins as well, who are a week apart

Some call these babies fraternal twins, which are siblings conceived at different times, but birthed at the same time.

For women like Cindy Olivier, these are miracle babies. 11 years ago, Cindy’s ectopic pregnancy ended tragically. A week later, the doctors discovered that she is still carrying another baby. The second pregnancy happened two weeks after the first one that had to be removed.

Fraternal or miracle twins, the fact that you can fall pregnant with a second baby whilst already carrying another has been a surprising new fact for many SA moms!



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