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Having a small fridge can be really inconvenient. From squeezing things to having to unpack the entire fridge to find the apples at the back. Without a system, it can get hard and cost you money too.

You could be losing food under stacks of other food and only find it when you’re hunting down the funny smell in the kitchen.
Here are some great tips on making the best of your tiny fridge

Use transparent containers

Transparent containers mean you can see what is inside without having to unpack and open the container.
It also means knowing when things no longer look good before they smell.
Stocking up on new containers offers a uniform shape and size so that you can stack and pack your fridge with more ease.

Repackage food (especially in your freezer)

Food is usually packaged so that is can travel well. This does not necessarily take into consideration how it will fit into your fridge.
Repackage your foods to suit the portions you use them in, using smaller containers for your food for easier storage.

Your food is also moved around more often in a smaller fridge. Packaging the food in stronger containers ensures that your food is secure and will not spill and make a mess through the course of its stay in your fridge.

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Keep bottles and jars on the fridge door

Bottles and jars take up more space vertically. This can limit how you move your shelving when organising your fridge.
Keep these on the door of your fridge so that they take up a limited amount of space and stay upright to avoid spills.
Storing bottle and jars on the door of your fridge also makes use of a space that otherwise has limited use.

Pack things that are used together, together

When packing your fridge, keep in mind how you use our food and when you use it. Keeping your spreads together, for example, is great because you do not have to root through the fridge creating chaos when trying to make sandwiches.
This also means that although your fridge may seem packed it actually has organised sections and you know where to start looking for what you need when you need it.

Check the fridge and make a shopping list before heading to the shop

Impulse buying is one of the worst things you can do when you do not have enough fridge space.
When fiding space for the things you need is a challenge, the last thing you need to be doing is trying to find space for the thing you do not need.
Check the fridge for the things you might need and to see how much space you have before you go shopping.


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