Examsta won first place in the 2020 MTN Business App of the Year Award for Best Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The revision platform offers content-based subjects and is being successfully used by Grades 10 to 12 Life Sciences learners in South African schools.

Developed by Marie de Wet Examsta is an accessible learning tool that enables learners to benefit from the ‘testing effect’.

This is a well-known psychological phenomenon whereby memory recall is accelerated through regular quizzes.

De Wet is the founder of the app. She is a qualified teacher currently completing her master’s degree in Educational Technology, and has almost a decade of teaching experience.

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“While most e-learning platforms focus on STEM subjects like Physical Science, Examsta is the first South African platform to focus on content-heavy subjects, like Life Sciences, Geography and History, while properly differentiating between the CAPS and IEB syllabi,” explains Marie.

Examsta has recently added History and Geography to its online platform as additional learning support for students.

Free until 30 April

Up until 30 April, learners in South Africa can access all the content completely free of charge, after which nominal cost for annual access will be charged.

How Examsta works

  • After a very simple 30-second sign up, learners select their grade, subject and curriculum.
  • Each subject contains modules that are broken up into bite-size units and each unit is learnt via a quiz.
  • To start a quiz, students are required to tap on the unit and select ‘start revising’.
  • Each quiz contains 5 to 15 multiple choice questions.
  • When choosing an answer, the learner is immediately notified if they are correct or incorrect.
  • Regardless of the outcome, an explanatory paragraph and/or diagram containing the correct answer is given.
  • Once the student has completed a quiz, they are given a score and an approbation such as ‘well done’.
  • Learners get the option to try again or they can exit and move on to the next unit.

There is also the option to email the score, which allows learners to prove to concerned adults that they are studying, without parents having to track their child’s progress on an instructor’s platform.

Examsta gives the learner the option to redo units, even if they have had everything correct the first time.

They can check the scoreboard to see which units need brushing up on. Making mistakes is an essential and inevitable part of learning and by launching straight into quizzes, learners have to grapple with content to get 100%.



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