Even the cleanest looking homes can be housing more germs and bacteria than you know. 

Here are 3 of the dirtiest things in your home – they could be breeding disgusting bacteria as you read this. 

Your old fashioned mop

Traditional floor cleaning is more appearances than actual cleaning because, after the first dip of your mop you are just spreading the dirt, germs and bacteria from one area to the other. 

Although many households have done away with the long string mob, the principle of moving dirty and possibly contaminated water around our floors stands. For most, the only thing that has really changed is that we no longer have its touch the mop itself. 

Professional cleaner washing dirty floor with mop, top view. Space for text
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According to 
The Spruce, there are a few things you can do to make your cleaning routine cleaner.

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  • Use an antibacterial floor cleaner
  • Wash your mop thoroughly and allow it to dry between uses
  • Use two buckets to clean your floors one with detergent and the other with clean water to rinse between mopping. 
  • Change the water in your buckets out after each room.

Kitchen rags and sponges

Your kitchen where your food is prepared should be one of the cleanest places in your home, but for most homes, it is one of the dirtiest. According to Healthline, 75% of kitchen sponges and rags contain E.colli, salmonella and even faecal matter compared to 9% of taps in the bathroom.

While this could lead to illness, it doesn’t always, and when considering how often we use our kitchens and the opportunities for sickness, it rarely does. 

Cleaner is cleaning tiles in kitchen
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Healthline also suggests ways to keep the kitchen cleaner. 

 -Microwave damp sponges for a minute to kill bacteria

– Use antibacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces and handles 

-Soaking your kitchen rags and sponges in hot water and bleach

– Replace sponges and rag regularly

Your toothbrush and your toothbrush holder

Your toothbrush is obviously dirty because of the bacteria from your mouth but, it also brings bacteria, germs and dirt from your bathroom into your mouth. Your toothbrush holder is simply guilty by association.

According to ohealth.com, storing your toothbrush close to your toilet increases the amount of faecal matter and other bacteria and germs on your toothbrush and eventually, in your mouth every time, you brush your teeth.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste and on a sink. Horizontal composition. Front view.
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They recommend making a habit of closing the toilet before you flush and putting a cap on your toothbrush, possibly storing it in the medicine cupboard if you can.


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