Fashion designer and natural hair advocate Simone Williams is the record holder for the world’s largest Afro.

Simone broke the record for the largest Afro in late 2020. According to Guinness World Records, her Afro is 20,5cm tall, 22,5cm wide and 1,48m in circumference.

She was inspired to attempt the record because people always commented about her big hair. The previous record holder, Aevin Dugas who held the record for eight years, was also an inspiration for her.


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When did her natural hair journey begin?

She started her natural hair journey nine years ago. The reason why she decided to go natural was because she wanted use the money spent at the hair salon to cover costs of moving into her first apartment.

Simone opened up about how the process was very difficult at first as she was used to wearing her hair straight. As they say, ‘practice makes perfect’ and after a lot of practice and even more patience, she learned how to care for her hair.


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Hair secrets

She uses very little shampoo when washing her hair and it is sulphate free and infused with biotin which she says helps with growth. She applies a lot of deep conditioner to her hair which helps detangle it.

To make it easier for her to detangle her hair, she also uses a detangling brush while washing her hair.

Her go-to products include a leave-in conditioner, Moring hair oil and olive oil styling gel which she says mixes well with her other products and does not cause flaking.

Simone says it’s important to wash hair at least every week and she sections it into four twists while she showers.


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Simone’s top advice is to be patient with the process as it is not easy. She encourages individuals to do research in order to discover what works best for their hair type.

Check out some more of her hair tips in the video below.