Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight had a terrifying experience after one of the engines exploded and caught fire after taking off from Denver International Airport on Saturday…

One of the passengers told news outlets “I thought it was a bomb.” The engine from the Boeing 777 suffered a “catastrophic failure over Denver” with debris from the engine explosion plummeting down and scattering over Northern Colorado.

Thankfully the plane was able to make an emergency landing and no lives ere lost. However, passengers on board United flight 328 thought that they were doomed.

The plane was en route to Hawaii when the incident took place.

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After the explosion, the pilots issued a mayday call turned back to the airport. They were able to land the Boeing 777-200 plane safely.

Despite the scary experience, reports from passengers said that everyone managed to stay calm. With the help of the flight attendants and the swift action of the pilots, passengers stayed in their seats, held hands and prayed.