Before the vaccine rollout began, Dr Adam Woodford was just another hero on our frontlines working to fight the coronavirus pandemic…

But on Friday, he also became the unofficial ‘poster child’ of the vaccine rollout, thanks to an image shared by the GCIS in the Eastern Cape. The image showed the first vaccinations to be given to healthcare workers at the Livingstone Hospital in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Dr Adam Woodford was in the first frame of the images shared to the GCIS Twitter account, and the comments immediately started streaming in… many of the social media users wanting to know if they could get vaccinated by the handsome doctor.

Jarn Athern (@JonWithTheFace) tweeted: “If we can choose who vaccinates us, I choose the man in frame 1. I don’t even care if he’s not a nurse, he can be the hospital maintenance for all I care.”

Some queried whether he would do house calls! Others wanted to know if he could hold their hand while they received the vaccine injection.

Erasing the stigma

Dr Woodford also shared an image of himself getting vaccinated on his Facebook page in order to help try to decrease the stigma and myths around the vaccine.

“Vaccine done and dusted with hope to alter my DNA and get superhuman strength and laser vision. So far side effects include involuntary flexing for camera and unwanted gains,” he posted in jest. But he also had a serious message for followers. “Hopefully this spells no more covid for me, my colleagues and our families. One step closer to normality.”


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What we know about Dr Woodford:

  • He is 30 years old
  • He works at Livingstone Hospital in Nelson Mandela Bay
  • He studied medicine at Stellenbosch University
  • He exercises often (he posts a number of images of his workouts in Instagram)
  • He’s a dog lover. He often shares pictures of his beloved German Shepherds on Instagram, and enjoys going for walks and exercising with them.
  • He has already contracted Covid-19, and battled the fatigue that came with it.

In July 2020, he posted, “Despite my stringent use of PPE and all other precautions I took, the sneaky bugger still latched onto my ACE-2 receptors in my respiratory epithelium. Thankfully it’s just mild symptoms for now. Statistically and hopefully should stay that way. The worst part of it is staying at home knowing the hospitals and my colleagues are suffering with the current surge we are experiencing.”

He lost a lot of weight while he battled the virus. “Covid 19 has shown me a new appreciation for health. I have never seen a virus hit those who have metabolic lifestyle diseases so hard before. To being fitter, faster, stronger.”

  • He’s smart! He came first in SA for his medical primary exam which he shared on social media in 2018
  • He’s multi-talented. Besides being smart, he’s also musically talented. He shared a clip of himself playing piano on Instagram



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Is he single?

All4Women reached out to Adam on Instagram to find out his status. We will let you know as soon as he responds!

As for all of the attention, Adam seems to have taken it all in his stride, and has a sense of humour about the comments;