Nonkanyiso Conco got the country talking after she made her debut on Real Housewives of Durban – instantly stealing the show in the process!

During a busy weekend on South African Twitter, it was Real Housewives of Durban star Nonkanyiso Conco who got tongues wagging after the KZN-based entrepreneur made an unmissable entrance on the Showmax reality show.  “LaConco” brought a new dynamic to the fray as she entered an already tense social circle in the fourth episode of a dramatic season so far. 

“Nonkanyiso Conco: Just Google” 

For a lot of South Africans, Nonkanyiso Conco needed no introduction (And we’ll get to why, in a moment) – but for the few that did, Real Housewives of Durban Episode Four provided it. The outspoken businesswoman is a Jane of all trades, and a master of many, as we clickly learned after she made a grand entrance. 

However, once she met our favourite group of fabulous Housewives, it was clear that not everybody knew about her illustrious career and her, ahem, personal and political background. At one point when a member of the group admitted that she didn’t know her, Nonkanyiso quickly told her where to take a seat:

The rest of the episode was thoroughly entertaining, as viewers were invited to an exquisite soiree like no other

Nonku played host as she put on an elaborate dinner where a sommelier was supposed to talk guests through the different wines on display. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it and the guy who replaced him… well, the less said the better! 

Who is Nonkanyiso Conco? 

If this weekend was your introduction to LaConco’s fabulous persona, then you will have been forgiven for not anticipating the episode as much as we did. For most followers of South African affairs, Nonkanyiso Conco is a recognisable name and one that is strongly linked to former president Jacob Zuma

Most South Africans first read about LaConco back in 2018 when she was reported to be engaged to Zuma and we learned soon after that she was also carrying his child. At the time, it looked as if she would be his next wife (Jacob Zuma is in a traditionally polygamous marriage with a number of wives) but the lovers split in 2020. 

Since then, LaConco has gone on to forge a strong name for herself in a number of South African circles – something which Ayanda Ncwane was keen to hail in the most recent episode of Real Housewives

We might still be getting to know LaConco, but one thing we can immediately tell is that she means business.



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