A team of workers who were investigating a gas leak in a Tennessee home made a quick exit after they found a family of bears sleeping in the home’s crawlspace!

According to a Facebook post by the Appalachian Bear Rescue group, they received a call about a bear’s den beneath a home over the weekend.

“When the repair crew arrived and crawled under the house, they saw the ample caboose of a very large snoozing bear,” said the group.

“TWRA was notified immediately and Sargent David Sexton went to the scene to assess the situation. He saw the large size of the bear and listened carefully for a long time: there were no sounds of cubs under the house (cubs make a LOT of noise when they are hungry or nursing).”

He assumed that the bear was a large male who was having a good sleep in the space.

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The team decided to “encourage the bear to leave the premises”

However, they realised after she had bolted that she was a female, and had left three little cubs behind.

The tiny baby bears were safely removed and rushed to the animal hospital for care. “Dr. Ready and his team were on call and ready to help when the cubs arrived. The cubs are female, very young (their eyes are not open yet), and they weigh just over two pounds each.”

“It is still very early in the cub season and mother bears are still in dens. We alerted all the wildlife agencies to the situation and will investigate all possibilities for fostering these cubs to a mother bear and her family. Even on very good days, we are a distant second-best to a mother bear. However, if fostering isn’t an option, we will provide the best care we can and return the three sisters back to the wild when they are big enough and strong enough to live on their own. Please welcome, Jasmine, Jeannie, and Magic Bear.”

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