Research has found that people who enjoyed sweet treats were more ‘sweet’ than people who preferred savoury or other snacks.

This could be linked to the ‘high’ eating sugar can give, however artificial sweeteners that could trick you into thinking you ate sugar don’t elicit the same response.

Researchers at Dakota State University, Fargo, Gettysburg College and Saint Xavier University found that being a ‘sweetheart’ was somehow linked to having a sweet tooth.

Sweethearts have a sweet tooth

In one study, the authors found participants who ate sweet food (a specific brand of chocolate), versus non-sweet food (a cracker), or no food, were more likely to volunteer to help another person in need. 

In a different study, researchers found that people believe that a person who likes sweet foods like candy or chocolate cake (compared to foods from the other four taste types) were also friendlier, more helpful, but not more extroverted or neurotic.

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Eating sugar improves your mood

According to Healthline sugar stimulates the brain’s reward centre and can give a similar response as cocaine. Sugar is also said to be just as addictive. 

While sugar may be able to almost instantly boost your mood, making you temporarily happier (possibly making you friendlier too) sugar is also addictive and can contribute to health problems including obesity and inflammation. 

According to a study by Dr Maria Almond published by MDedge, the sweetness and happiness inspired by eating sugar are temporary as sugar is linked to inflammation and depression.

Artificial sugar won’t make you sweeter

Although artificial sweeteners can trick the taste buds and you might not even realise you aren’t having sugar.

According to Scientific American, artificial sweeteners do not trigger dopamine (the pleasure hormone). This leaves sugar lovers who had grown accustomed to the high they get off sugar unsatisfied, even if they do not know it. 

It would follow then that trying to improve your mood and social disposition while choosing a ‘healthier’ alternative like sugar-free sweets would not be helpful, although it may reduce your sugar craving.



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