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Adele’s weight loss transformation has been amazing to follow. While the songstress had already lost an incredible about of weight by the end of last year, she is still dropping the pounds and inching towards her undisclosed goal weight. 

Although most fans were shocked by Adele’s extreme transformation, she did not shed an estimated 44 Kgs overnight. According to Adele’s former personal trainer, she started her weight loss journey in 2016, leading up to her world tour. 

Here’s how Adele earned her trim new figure.

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The Sirt food diet

Many weight loss stories start in the kitchen with a change of diet and portion control. 

For Adele, the two go hand in hand. The Sirt food diet, which has become a lifestyle choice of the slim Adele, cuts out processed foods and is packed with, “sirtuin activators”, said to suppress appetite helping Adele stick to smaller portions.

The first week of the Sirt food diet is tough, and less dedicated dieters may quit right there with a harsh 1000 calorie restriction and a lot of green juice. 

Her former personal trainer, Camila Goodis, told Hello magazine she believes 90% of Adele’s weight loss success was won in the kitchen.

a”She’s working out but, I think 90% of it is diet. It’s a good diet to shed weight. The first week is intense, with green juices and only 1000 calories. She doesn’t look too thin – she looks amazing,” said Camila

How Adele ate chocolate, drank red wine and still lost over 45kg

How Adele has stuck to the Sirt diet so long

While many people end their weight loss journeys by slowly gaining back the weight and possibly gaining more weight than they had lost to start with. 

The Sirt food diet is structured to be a permeant lifestyle, including some of Adele’s favourite snacks and treats, like red wine, chocolate and cheese, in moderation.

While the first week of the diet is intense, the maintenance and long term weight loss plan are reported, more manageable.

Sweating off the kilos 

Even though many of Adele’s victories were won in the kitchen, a good workout routine is also part of Adele’s healthier lifestyle. 

According to The Beet, Reformer Pilates is Adele’s go-to workout. It tones her muscles and skin. Adele isn’t just losing weight, she’s also getting stronger. 

Reformer Pilates is reportedly also the secret to Megan Markle’s quick baby weight loss after her 1st child Archie was born.

Adele’s former trainer, Camilla, told The Sun the pilates workout was great for Adele. She shared that because Adele was not a fan of working out and struggled with more vigorous workouts, in the beginning, she needed a gentle routine.

Adele shows off her jaw-dropping weight loss

Lift weights to lose weight

For most people, cardio is the go-to workout for weight loss, however, according to Healthline, there are benefits to combining weight training and cardio workouts when trying to lose weight. 

Weight training builds your muscles and makes you stronger, it doesn’t burn as many calories as cardio, weight training continues to burn calories even after your workout. 

Adele’s former personal trainer Pete Geracimo told  Insider that Adele uses cardio and weight training workouts to stay fit.


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