Due to a rare occurrence called superfetation, Rebecca Roberts gave birth to twins that were conceived at different times.

UK couple Rebecca Roberts and Rhys Weaver were overjoyed to learn of their pregnancy. They, however, were taken by surprise at their 12th-week appointment when they learned that they were expecting twins, but one was smaller than the other. Rhys could not be in attendance due to lockdown restrictions in Bath.

The scan indicated that the one baby, Rosalie, seemed to be three weeks smaller than the other baby, Noah.

39-year-old Rebecca underwent a series of tests to rule out any complications or abnormalities and to figure out why one twin was so much smaller than the other. Twin experts concluded that what Rebecca was experiencing is superfetation; a case where a pregnancy develops at the same time as an existing one.

In Rebecca’s case, Rhys’ sperm fertilised her egg when she was already three weeks pregnant with Noah.


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The twins were born on 17th September 2020 at 2.09 kg and 1.10 kg respectively, 3 minutes apart. “The twins were born at 33 weeks and 6 days,” Rebecca says in her official Facebook birth announcement.

“Noah spent a total of three weeks and three days in the NICU. Rosalie spent 95 days there and came home a few days before Christmas,” she adds. Rosalie’s short life has not been without complications.

She recently underwent surgery for a hernia, and doctors found another one during the operation, that they were able to remove before it caused her any issues.


At four months, Noah weighed 4.38 kg and Rosalie came in at a whopping 3 kg, a significant growth from her birth weight.


“The smallest nappies were ridiculously huge on her and the dummy she had was no bigger than the top part of your thumb,” Rebecca says about Rosalie.

Robert’s twins have taken the world by storm, and their story is being told globally, and have even scored an Instagram account with over 20K followers run by their mom. Rebecca shares her pregnancy journey and life after birth.

According to the science journal, Science Direct, “pregnancy suppresses ovulation and makes the possibility of spontaneous superfetation very unlikely.” This is why news of their birth has been welcomed with open arms globally.

The twins are now five months old, and as much as ‘big’ brother Noah is developing a little faster than Rosalie, their mom is excited to see them grow up together.


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