Souffle pancakes are still the taste of the foodie breakfast table, they’re super fluffy and light and hold the promise of so much more than just the regular pancake. But are they actually better?

Well… that all depends on who’s making them.

They’re kind of the same thing

While Japanese souffle pancakes look a lot more glamorous than the American style flap-jack, they’re made out of exactly the same ingredients.

What gives the souffle pancakes their fluffy ‘souffle’ look is how they’re made.
The eggs are separated and the egg whites are beaten to form stiff peaks before the rest of the ingredients are folded in, careful not to knock too much air out. While some people use moulds to make their souffle pancakes (which is so much easier) the pros fry them up like regular pancakes.

Pancakes are easier to make

The stiff peaks and gentle folding can be a little too much technique for some home cooks on a Saturday morning.
Making pancakes is the easier choice because while you might burn or use too much il for the first one, you are more likely to come out of the kitchen with a family-sized batch within the hour.

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To try or not to try

If you have the time and the patients you should definitely try making your own souffle pancakes. The worst that could happen is that you’ll spend a really long time beating egg whites only to end up with a batch of tasty but ordinary pancakes.

We love this easy to follow ‘how to’ video from ‘What the Hack!’


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