Japanese journalist ‘Mr Sato’ harvested and tasted salt made from his own sweat, and it was not pleasant

Featured on the ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’ YouTube Chanel, Mr Sato said the human salt tasted like table salt but smelled like sweat, which made it unpleasant to eat. 

Is there really salt in your sweat

A drop of sweat in your tongue might taste just like saltwater, but there is also more in your sweat than just salt, as Mr Sato found out. 

After a sweaty session at the sauna, Mr Sato brought his sweaty towel to the office and boiled his sweat down in the office so the water would evaporate, leaving just the ‘salt’.

The gross looking yellowish stuff did contain sodium which gives it its salty taste but also contained other waste products his body was excreting through his sweat, including ammonia, urea, and protein as well as bacteria that had been on his skin.

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Why does sweat smell?

Like your pee and poop, sweat is a waste product and is made of the things your body doesn’t need. 

Although sweat itself doesn’t smell, Webmd says when you sweat, your sweat is mixed with bacteria on your skin, and that is where the smell comes from. 

Accumulating bacteria on your skin from bad hygiene usually makes your sweat smell stronger.

Can you eat ‘human salt’

According to healthline.com, sweat is functional and is meant to cool the body down, but it is also one of the ways the body detoxes itself and gets rid of things it doesn’t need.

So while ‘human salt’ isn’t exactly poisonous, it isn’t good for your body (it’s already been sent out once). 


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Watch this: Japanese journalist makes and eats salt from his own sweat!

What is in this human salt and what does it actually taste like? We have the answers…

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