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Age is nothing but a number for 88-year-old Gym Bunny Nahida Abden

She first hit the gym at 50 when a Dr recommended exercise for her sore knee and while it was hard for her to get into the swing of things it certainly isn’t hard for her now.

From shy student to energetic instructor

“The first time I went to a fitness class I went straight to the back. Whenever the instructor told us to do something I would get nervous and really shy,” she says.
The images of her now teaching her own fitness class with much younger students makes it hard to believe that Nahida only started working out as a grandmother.

Through determination and hard work, Nahida got it right and even became a certified fitness instructor although she had no intention of actually instructing a class.
” When I got my certificate I just hung it on the wall then people would say ‘God will judge you if you do not help others so I started teaching classes and loved it, She said.
Since then Nahida says she loves being a fitness instructor and helping women ‘come out of their shells’. He mostly young students follow her every move carefully and many are amazed at her strength and energy.
One student even told DW Stories that she saw Nhida as a mother and her inspiration more than she saw her as an instructor.

You can run from the old age blues

Nahida is a widow with all her very grown-up children living abroad, her oldest being is 60 years old, and lives on her own. Exercise has been a refuge and happy place for her and she believes it even helped her beat cancer. “The Dr would say ‘take a picture of her’ because I would be singing and dancing,” she says.

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Not all the attention Nahida has received because of her lifestyle has been positive. She says some people tell her needs to be more feminine, but she believes in living in her own version of femininity which means minimal make-up and lots of exercises.

Exercise can hold off ageing

Nahida looks nowhere near 88 although she is proud of her age and doesn’t try to hide it. She doesn’t have the wrinkles of physical difficulties you would expect a woman her age to have. According to research from Harvard Medical School, exercise can be a great tool for antiaging for both your physical appearance and your wellbeing.
Maintaining a healthy weight and doing daily exercise positively contributes to your health and your antiaging goals at whatever age you start.

Watch Nahida’s story here


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