A plastic surgeon has gained thousands of followers on Tik Tok after exposing celebrities cosmetic surgeries

Although none of the celebrities in his videos are his actual patients, Dr Charles S Lee uses his insider knowledge as a plastic surgeon to show his followers how celebrities have changed after cosmetic surgery.

Demi’s dramatic cheekbones are permanent

When she walked the runway for Fenty, fans and followers were shocked by how different Demi looked and while some said it was a facelift gone wrong, many claimed it was an intentionally dramatic look created with make-up, but according to Dr Charles Lee, this look is kind of permanent.

DR Charles does suggest a solution for what he calls ‘classic Joker lines’, he says Demi can rectify the avoidable mistake with fat grafting. 


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Kendel Jenner is ‘the most natural-looking Kardashian’

While Kendel might be the most natural-looking Kardashian, this doesn’t mean she hasn’t had any work done, on the contrary, Dr Charles Lee seems to think he gorgeous looks are rather the work of a fantastic plastic surgeon, from the shape of her eyes to her cute little nose and full lips, a lot of work has been put into Kendel Jenner’seffortless’ good looks. 


@drlee90210Reply to @iluvf8 Disclaimer: I am not her surgeon this is just my opinion##fyp ##foryou ##PupPeroniShuffle ##kendalljenner ##plasticsurgery♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Dr Charles hits back at Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is as judgegy as they come. On an episode of her show, Tyra criticises one of Dr Charles’s Asian patients saying her eyelid surgery is “one step closer to being white” although Tyra points out that her own hair extensions are a similar “step closer to being white”, Dr Charels clearly was not satisfied. 

Using his popular platform Dr Charles brought up a childhood photograph of Tyra and compares it to a recent photograph where her nose is visibly narrower. 


@drlee90210That one time I was on the show ##GrowUpWithMe ##fyp ##fy ##foryoupage ##foryou ##tyra♬ original sound – Charles S. Lee, MD, FACS

Ariana’s girl next door look is man-made

Ariana Grande’s sweet girl next door look is man-made. This comes as a shock to many fans who thought her looks were as natural as her explosive talent. 

According to Dr Charles Lee, Ariana has possibly had 4 different surgeries many in her eyes. While she is gorgeous now, we agree with Dr Charles, she was gorgeous before the surgery too. 


@drlee90210A popular request, Ariana Grande! Disclaimer: I am not her plastic surgeon, this is just my opinion♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod





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