After tying the knot at the end of November after a whirlwind romance, a bodybuilder and his sex doll wife are taking a short break…

Why? Yuri Tolochko posted an update on his Instagram to say that his wife, Margo, had “broken” just before Christmas.

He did not go into detail about how the unfortunate incident happened, but according to Yuri, the love of his life is undergoing some much needed repairs. While she will return to him shortly, he’s worried that their relationship may be a bit overwhelming for just one sex doll to endure.

Yuri says he will always remain faithful to Margo and will never get another female doll, but is open to a male sex doll. He’s also currently experimenting with some other interesting items.

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“I love a lot of sex, I love bdsm, I love weird sex,” he posted on Instagram while holding a plucked raw chicken.

He also said he’d consider a polygamous relationship, but Margo would always remain his first bride.

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