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It may not seem like it, but there is life on the other side of the great pause

While we are inundated with images of hot flushes, stories of vaginal dryness and deterioration, there are some good things to look forward to after menopause. 

These are just five of them

No more periods!

It might seem obvious that no more periods are a direct consequence of menopause, but for women who suffer from severe PMS, it’s worth a mention. 

Say goodbye to menstrual headaches and if you suffer from endometriosis you will also get some relief. However according to women with endometriosis may still experience some symptoms, but are more likely to seek definitive treatment without anxieties about its effect on their fertility.

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Women have better sex after menopause

If you thought your sexual awakening happened in your 20s you have a surprise waiting for you after menopause.

While some women suffer from vaginal dryness and concerns of loss of elasticity causing painful sex during menopause, WebMD says many post-menopausal women have reported an increased sex drive and with no anxiety about pregnancy and less child-rearing responsibility for some they are also more likely to engage in and enjoy sex.

You will be less likely to become anaemic

Women who menstruate lose a considerable amount of iron with their periods and are more likely to suffer from anaemia and fatigue linked to an iron deficiency. 

Alison Cullen A.Vogel nutrition therapist and Health Educator told that your body would also spare the energy it uses monthly to run your cycle.

You don’t have to plan your life around our period

From your wedding to social events and your everyday outfits. Many women plan their lives around their periods and even go as far as taking medication to ensure their periods do not interrupt special occasions. 

Postmenopausal women do not have that burden. They just don’t.

No more period tax

Period tax is real, very real. From the price of hygiene products to the time and money some women spend getting medical attention and staying away from work for period-related reasons women spend time and money on their periods. While some companies recognise period leave most women aren’t that lucky and have to take actual leave if they have severe PMS. 


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