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Their glamorous, they’re rich, we love to see them and some times we want to be them, but celebrities can also be gross, really gross

We are happy to love these 11 celebrities from afar after finding out about their disgusting hygiene habits.

Smell you later Brad

Brad Pitt is a long-running heartthrob, but that might all come to an end after this. 

While many of us enjoy a good soak after a long day or a hot shower to wash away the sweat, just not Brad Pitt. 

Angelina Joel’s ex-husband and the father of her children reportedly prefers to wipe down with wet wipes instead of actually washing his body. 

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Just when you thought Angelina was the one with the weird habits…

Robbert Pattersons hairy situation

Brad Pitt isn’t the only celeb we wouldn’t want to hug, Robert Patterson also reportedly has questionable hygiene. The Twilight star told Seventeen Magazine he didn’t clean his apartment or washed his hair because he simply didn’t care of he or his home was clean or not. This was in response to the actor’s co-stars reportedly complaining about his body odour. 

Jessica’s million-dollar smile

Male celebrities aren’t the only ones with filthy habits. Actress, reality TV star and singer Jessica Simpson told The Ellen Show that she didn’t brush her teeth every day and didn’t see the need to. US Weekly reported that the dazzling star flossed and used mouth wash regularly but because her teeth are already so white she would rather avoid the slippery feeling most of us know as the clean teeth feeling. 

Megan Fox is not so hot to live with

She’s seriously hot and has great style, but you might not want to raid her closet. 

According to The Mirror UK, Megan Fox is quite open about her laziness, she doesn’t clean, doesn’t pick up after herself and regularly forgets to flush the toilet. The star laughed about frequently being told by friends that she left a nasty surprise in their toilets.

We don’t want any of Kesha’s poison

Superfit pop Sensation Kesha is all about that fitness and it shows. We won’t be following her extreme methods anytime soon though. 

The singer was filmed guzzling her own urine in her documentary Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. Kesha said she had heard that drinking your own urine was actually good for you.

Lady Gaga is Monster

She’s a monster, but not in the cute fan girl way, in the gross and inconsiderate was. According to Bustle Lady Gaga regularly just pees in the dustbin in her dressing room instead of taking a few steps to the toilet with no consideration for the people who have to clean that up.

The no deodorant gang

It seems to be a trend in celebville to skip the deodorant, celebrities like Cameron Diaz reportedly banding in with  Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper.

Love can’t live here anymore

Milley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s love wasn’t meant to be, but one of the first warning signs should have been years before they actually spilt when Liam threatened to move out of Miley’s dirty house because he just couldn’t live with the dog poop, junk and old pizza boxes any more. 


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