Trying to lose a few kilogrammes, a 27-year-old actress allegedly lost her life due to health complications connected to her long-term use of the keto diet…

Although some dieticians and medical professionals argue that reports of Bollywood actress Mishti Mukherjee’s death by keto diet is oversimplified, her untimely passing has ignited a conversation. People around the world were debating how effective the ketogenic diet really is. It was originally developed as a 1920s epilepsy treatment, but was adapted for weight loss. Many wondered how such a restrictive diet could affect a person’s health.

Did the keto diet kill Mishti? 

According to the Times of India,   the Bollywood star died of kidney failure allegedly brought on by her keto diet. Parmeet Kaur, the Senior Dietician at Narayana Hospital in Gurugram told Times of India that the high protein intake prescribed by the keto diet put pressure on the kidneys which metabolise protein.

According to the article, this is the cause of Mishti’s death.

Diet Doctor, however, shares that this is only likely if Mishti had a pre-existing kidney condition. Kidney failure is an unlikely outcome of the keto diet if you are in good health.

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Why the keto diet can be dangerous

Although effective, with a celebrity following including Mama June (Honey boo-boo’s mom) who used the diet to lose the extra weight she had gained since her successful gastric bypass surgery, the keto diet should not be taken on without consultation with a medical professional.

According to an article published in Pubmed, the keto diet posses a well-documented risk of sudden cardiac death. According to a Pubmed study, two children who were put on the keto diet to treat seizures died of sudden cardiac complications. Both had selenium deficiency at their postmortems and had also suffered from cardiomyopathy. supports claims that the keto diet can put a strain on kidneys increasing the risk of kidney stones and contributing to other complications by making your urine more acidic. Kidneys could also struggle to remove the acid buildup in your blood that results from these animal foods causing acidosis and other health issues.


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mishti mukherjee died from illness related to keto diet.

Death by keto: Did the keto diet kill Bollywood’s Mishti Mukherjee?

The untimely death of Bollywood star Mishti Mukherjee ignited a conversation around the keto diet and if it was really good for your health

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