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Prepare for a wet weekend ahead – that’s the warning from the South African Weather Service…

SAWS predicted more rains would hit South African Provinces that had already been flooded by downpours over the past few weeks.

“Disruptive rainfall has caused havoc across the north-eastern and central parts of the country in recent weeks, with clean-up operations well underway.”

On Thursday, the Vaal Dam sluice gates were opened as it reached 103% of capacity. This was in anticipation of more water entering the catchment area over the weekend.

Not as strong as ‘Eloise’

While this weekend’s disruptive rainfall is not predicted to be as much of a deluge as Tropical Cyclone ‘Eloise’ brought to the country, it will still affect large parts of already-soaked South Africa.

Rain is expected over the eastern parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces as well as over the north-eastern parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

According to the SAWS, the rain is expected to start on Friday evening (12 February) and continue over the weekend, persisting into Monday (15 February).

WATCH: Powerful waterfall as Vaal Dam sluice gates are opened!

Wind also predicted

“Winds will start to pick up on Sunday,” warned the service.

“Possibly resulting in damage to settlements and the risk of trees or large branches toppled by strong, gusty winds. Structural damage to houses and roads is therefore possible, whilst closure of certain susceptible and key routes should also be anticipated.”


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