Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 12:47 pm

Age gaps between siblings can either be overwhelming or close enough to make them relatable.

Discussing if – and when – to have another child can be a tricky task for parents. One mom-group discussion saw weighing in on their personal parenting experiences and the age gaps between their kids.

The two or three-year age gaps seem to be the norm, with moms saying that they find it easier to parent when children have this age gap.

“I have a 3-year gap between my daughters and they get along like a house on fire,” one mom says. Relatability seems to be an important aspect to consider when a family plans (or not) to have more kids.

Kids that have a smaller age gap see things similarly, and are learning at a similar rate

This, however, can be challenging for many parents. Dealing with toddler tantrums and newborn blues is overwhelming for some. One mom added that she has a five, three, and one-year-old and “It’s tough at times.”

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One is in pre-school, one is potty training and one is crawling everywhere, putting everything in their mouth. As much as they are all still “young”, they are in very different developmental stages, and every stage is challenging for them and the parents.

This is why other parents argue that the age gap depends on the family’s circumstances.

Some parents prefer the kids to be older so that they understand that they cannot get all the attention when there’s a newborn in the house.  Some families wait until their kids are in their teens to have more children. One mommy said her oldest is 13 and her youngest is about to be 2. “A teenager and the terrible twos at the same time is not fun.”

Other parents shared the same sentiment, with other pregnant moms worried about how their older children will relate to a baby on the way.

Some moms prefer an older age gap because their children can offer a helping hand now and again, and sometimes, with much eagerness. Even the small things like helping throw away or grabbing some wipes can go a long way.

Some moms, 10 years later, are still trying to consider if they want to even have a second baby. If they do, they are contemplating on the fact that when their eldest starts high school and becomes a lot more independent, they will also be Grade R parents, learning colours and numbers.

“It’s like doing it all over again,” moms share.