The Real Housewives franchise is built on the drama! We watch for the caty comments and binge for the fights

This weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Durban may have starved us of any real drama, but it certainly was educational.
From speaking to your children about your romantic relationships to defining boundaries when it comes to who you want at your wedding.

Someone call mam’Angie

American TV has Iyanla Vanzant and we have our very own mam’Angie. Since the very first episode of RHOD, I’ve been waiting for mam’Angie to Step In and help Nonku and Ayanda out because while their conversations are mature and positive the things they say about each other in their diary sessions and to their families have the distinct smell of drama.


While Ayanda is sweetly imagining becoming a second mother-figure to Nonku’s daughter Nothile and the many things they have in common could lead to friendship, Nonku is more interested in securing the relationship between their children with Sfiso Ncwane. According to Nonku, she and Ayanda have already shared too much and sharing a friendship would just be one too many things shared between them.

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While Ayanda and Nonku are definitely on the right track and showing many women in SA living with the same reality how things could be there is still so much potential for drama and they are both unknowingly building up to it.


Ayanda ready to start dating


There isn’t a logical rule book for mourning and when a person unexpectedly loses their spouse, the grieving process becomes very personal and subjective.


The rumour mill was spinning shortly after Ayanda lost her husband with just about every man she spoke to being seen as a prospective Bae.


Finally, in her own time, Ayanda shared with her sons that she was ready to start dating and looking to have a daughter before she turns 40!


Ayanda talking to her sons about being ready to glide into the dating market is definitely going to get the gospel circles buzzing. And we are excited to see which eligible bachelor the music mogul chooses.

‘You aren’t invited to my wedding but…’


If there is one wife who knows how to draw thick and visible boundaries it’s Anne. Her happy go lucky attitude is definitely a front. That woman is focused.

Anne might be playing nice with the other housewives but they definitely aren’t friends, that fact that they aren’t even invited to her wedding should make that abundantly clear.

While KG is adorably trying to build genuine friendships, her efforts might not be welcome as far as Anne is concerned, but is true Real Housewives style, it’s smiles for the wives and honesty for the cameras until someone grows tired of faking smiles and things get caty.

We will be waiting patiently for this moment.


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