You wouldn’t think it to look at them but Queen Elizabeth and her Prince Philip have had their share of romance, breaking of royal protocol and scintillating scandal

Just last year prince Philip melted hearts when he moved back into Buckingham palace to just before the UK went under its second lockdown in November to spend his 73 wedding anniversary with his beloved queen Elizabeth. 

The romance might be alive and well for the older and younger royals, but the 14th of February simply isn’t the time for it.

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Married to her work

While some might argue that the British royals live a pampered and dutiless life, their valentines plans over the years have shown something different. 

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Usually, the royals spend their valentines expressing their love to their country and their subjects with various acts of service and charity and no bold romantic gestures or notable plans. 


Last year Queen Elizabeth even spent Valentine’s day alone. Since Prince Philip (who is a few months away from his 100th birthday) retired from his royal duties the couple has been living separately with the prince preferring to live in the country.

Doing things their own way

Megan and Harry’s royal status is inconclusive, but their lifestyle definitely isn’t. 

Since the beginning of their romance, the two have done thing their own way and struggled to keep up with the demands of royal life. 


At the beginning of last year, they announced they were both stepping back from their royal duties and made their first public appearance after the announcement on Valentine’s day. 

The happy couple were spotted at an airport in Canada stepping off a commercial flight from the US without baby Archie.


This year the couple are expected to spend a quiet day at home with their son and if Megan old blog posts are anything to go by breakfast in bed will be a must-have. 

” I am such a sucker for Valentine’s Day,’ the former actress wrote on her now-deleted website.


“Without fail, every February 14th, I wake up feeling like I’m immersed in a Robert Doisneau photo, waiting with bated breath to be dipped into a kiss,” she added gushing about how she loved nothing more than a romantic breakfast in bed. 

Just like the rest of us

Like most of us, The Cambridges spent Valentine’s day working and possibly went home to a ‘romantic dinner’ and some flowers. 

Prince William and Duchess Kate spent Valentine’s day last year performing royal duties. 


While Prince William doted on his wife often during the public appearance noting her beauty and sharing that he had planned something special for her later. A Royal insider shared that the prince would likely have flowers, a card, a special dinner and sweet gift waiting at home for the dutchess, much like many other couples who try to muster the romance after a hard day at work. 


Also like many of us, the Cambridges are working from home a lot during the pandemic and are likely to have a more romantic Valentines day this year than last, possibly with along with their children. 


With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year we hope the day involves more play than work this year. 

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