From the home of Napolitano sauce and Napolitano icecream comes one of the worlds favourite fast foods, Pizza.

Celebrate world pizza day with a slice made especially for you.

Dotted with just about any toppings you can imagine from salami to chocolate and ice-cream, modern Pizza isn’t so far off from what pizza was invented to be. A quick meal on the go.

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The carb counter pizza

Counting carbs and trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food. There are healthy alternatives to just about everything including pizza.
While low carb pizzas might not be the health food our Dr prescribed for every day, it’s a great choice for healthier junk food.

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Cheesy low-carb pizza recipe

Cauliflower Pizza recipe

The healthier option

Not all of us are counting carbs, even when we are looking for a healthier option.
Choose your toppings carefully, not only to exclude unhealthy foods but also to include healthier foods.

Tasty and easy tuna pizza recipe

Roasted Butternut and Rice Pizza recipe

Quick and easy pizza

There are very few foods that are as low effort as takeaways, but this pizza might just be faster.
Cheat pizzas are quick and easy to make, making them the perfect hangout dinner for the whole family to enjoy at home.

5-minute cheat’s pizza the kids will love!

Spicy Pizzas with Naan Bread recipe

Family favourites

Pizza nights are a great tradition to keep in your family where everyone joins in the fun of making their own pizzas, topped with their favourite foods.
A good dough is a great place to start and some topping ideas are the next best thing.

Make the perfect pizza dough at home with this easy recipe

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