Kenny Kunene is looking to add some star power to his political party, in the form of dancer and businesswoman, Zodwa Wabantu. 

Zodwa Wabantu wears a lot of hats these days. Along with being one of the country’s most popular dancers, she’s also a reality TV star, a chicken-and-eggs entrepreneur, a beauty salon owner, and even the founder of her very own fragrance brand! Now it seems as if Zodwa could be set to add another title to her impressive CV, after she was offered the chance to join Kenny Kunene’s political party. 

Zodwa Wabantu: The politician? 

The “Wabantu” in Zodwa’s name translates to “of the people” and although this was a name she selected for her dancing persona, it could actually apply if she decided to pursue politics. In the time that we have known her, Zodwa has tried her best to position herself as a person “of the people” and has never been too aloof to speak to the everyday South Africans. 

This humility looks set to serve her well into the next phase of her career after it was announced that she would be joining Kenny Kunene’s political party, the Patriotic Alliance (PA for short). 

Kenny had been teasing a “big announcement” for a few days and on Wednesday he let the cat out of the bag when he said, “PA people, we are here in Dlamini in Soweto and this is where Zodwa Wabantu was born … I am pleased to say the new signing to the PA, Zodwa Wabantu. When I spoke to her about joining, she was like, ‘no, no bra Kenny PA? Politics mina?’ 

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“But I’ve seen something in her and her name explains what I have seen. She is Zodwa of the people. She loves the people, the people love her.”


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Zodwa accepts her political calling 

Zodwa was clearly taken aback by the Kenny Kunene’s gesture and she admitted as much on social media where she wrote, “I don’t know what iskhokho big boss, Kenny Kunene, saw in me to want me in politics, but prayers are answered by God in his own way!”. She proudly posed alongside the former Sushi King in a green PA t-shirt and looked excited to have embarked on this new chapter in her life. 

Zodwa won’t be the first South African celebrity to take up a career in politics. Kenny Kunene himself shocked the country when he was part of the PA’s founding members back in 2013. 

Another celebrity who has taken up a career in politics is singer, Ringo Madlingozi, who joined the EFF’s ranks in 2019 and is now a member of parliament. 

Do you see Zodwa making a similar rise up the political ladder?