He hasn’t even been convicted yet, but 64-year-old Yunice Abbas has now released a book detailing his account of the day he and 11 other men pulled off the “heist of the century”…

The elderly Frenchman was one of 12 people arrested for the robbery which took place four years ago on 3 October 2016. Five of the men who stand accused of the heist were over the age of 60. The press at the time dubbed them the ‘grandpa robbers’.

Yunice says his book is meant to set the record straight. Far from denying his part in the crime, it details the planning, and execution of the heist which led to the robbers getting away with around 9 million euro (R162m) worth of jewels!

The book is titled, “J’ai séquestré Kim Kardashian” in English, “I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian”.

It gives readers a first-hand account of the robbery which took place in the celebrity’s hotel room during Paris Fashion week. According to Yunice, the reason he took part in the robbery was that he “needed the money”.

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The robbers entered the room in the early hours of the morning

Yunice says the group targeted Kim in the early hours of the morning – at 2:30. After entering the room, they tied her up and forced her to stay in the bathtub while they ransacked the apartment.

The chief of police who was involved in the investigation of the robbery told the media that this form of robbery is referred to as “home-jacking”. He said that “Older, rich people are very vulnerable, or business owners and restaurants owners who have cash at home. It is quick, and you can get a lot of money in a very short time”.

Biggest heist in 2 decades

The robbery was the biggest one of an individual in France in two decades. Most of the jewellery has not been found. Only a diamond-encrusted cross which had been dropped during the incident was recovered.

The suspects were arrested three months after the crime, and Yunice spent 22 months in prison awaiting trial. However, he has a heart condition and was released on bail by a judge.

The trial is set to get underway this year. Despite the detailed confession, Yunice says that he hopes the judge and jury will be light on him in terms of his sentence.