Ayanda Ncwane’s in-laws were forced to clear the air after a controversial scene on Real Housewives of Durban raised questions about Ayanda and Sfiso’s marriage. 

The Ncwane family has confirmed the suspicions raised on Real Housewives of Durban about their son Sfiso, who was married to Ayanda Ncwane when he passed away in 2016. A woman who claimed to be Sfiso’s baby mama introduced herself to Ayanda (and the viewers of the show!) in the first episode, and social media was abuzz with a flood of reactions to the on-screen drama. 

This week, Sfiso’s family stepped in and acknowledged the other woman as well as her child, who they haven’t seen in some time. 

Real Housewives of Durban brings the Fireworks 

We were expecting an explosive first episode of Real Housewives of Durban, but nothing could have prepared us for the drama that was to come when the show premiered at the end of January.

Although each of the housewives we met appear to have interesting lives of their own, it was Ayanda Ncwane’s confrontation with a woman by the name of Nonku Williams which got tongues wagging. Nonku shocked the nation when she revealed that she had a child with Sfiso Ncwane; Ayanda’s late husband! 

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As it turns out, Ayanda was well aware of the woman’s existence – as well as her relationship with Sfiso (more on that shortly) but one person who was quick to clear the air is Sfiso’s sister, Sbahle.

Speaking to Daily Sun, she revealed that her late brother dated both women at the same time. She said, “He dated both of them at the same time. Nonku was from a rich family. Eventually, Nonku and Sfiso broke up and Nothile (the baby) was already born. Shortly after that, Ayanda and Sfiso got married,”

The whole family knew about Nonku and Sfiso’s child

Sfiso’s mother also weighed in on the matter when the paper contacted her for comment. She said, “She and the baby used to visit us here at home. The baby must have been a year or two years old. She was still learning to walk at that time. I haven’t seen them since then.

“I’m therefore begging Nonku to please bring Sfiso’s child home. I miss my granddaughter and I’ve been trying to locate them without any luck,”

Meanwhile, Ayanda might not have recognised Nonku on the drama, but she certainly knows about her existence in Sfiso’s life. In her memoir, For the love of Sfiso Ncwane, the widow explained that, at one stage in their relationship, they lived in separate cities and it was during that time which Sfiso began to see someone else.

She wrote, “I was damn right. The news that Sfiso was seeing another lady was doing the rounds and finally got to me. She came from a rich and powerful family. Time passed. I later heard that he got this other woman pregnant. This news left me traumatised and heartbroken. “

If this drama is just a sign of what’s to come in the upcoming episodes of Real Housewives of Durban, then we are in for a juicy season ahead!