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The end of Veganuary has come and there are two ways to react; either make a mad dash for the hot wings or consider taking up the vegan lifestyle at least some of the time

If you are loving how going vegan has treated you and you’ll be glad to hear that many restaurants now serve vegan meals too. 

Whether you’re joining meat-eating friends for burgers or vegging out on takeaways; here’s how you can enjoy vegan food lovingly made by someone else. 

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Vegan burgers in Jozi

Jozi is the economic hub of South Africa, and if anything is happening in South Africa, it’s definitely happening in jo-hustleburg. 

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Vegans and meat-eaters can all come together at media personality and entrepreneur Maps Maponyana’s Buns out

There is a gourmet burger here for everyone, even a meat-missing committed vegan.

The very vegan Keen-oa – quinoa patty with sweet honey-soy butternut, caramelised onion and vegan cheese is a delicious option for the strict vegan who isn’t even interested in wanna-be meats.

For those who still miss the taste and texture of a real beef patty, there’s the Beyond classic burger, a classic cheese or cheese-less burger made with a Beyond meat patty. It’s Beyond convincing. 

Vegan pizza in South Africa

It really sucks that people think all vegans eat is a salad.

Imagine hanging out on pizza night and munching on lettuce leaves while staring at all the cheesy goodness everyone else is gobbling. 

Pick a restaurant that serves vegan pizzas to satisfy everyone’s taste. 

 Col’Cacchio’s serves delicious veggie-packed pizzas with awesome vegan cheese.

They also offer gluten-free and low carb pizza bases for the strictest of diets. 

Andiccio24  also offer vegan cheese at selected restaurants because let’s face it- it is all about the cheese. The vegan cheese is completely dairy-free )because it is vegan) so it’s great for people with a lactose intolerance too. However, it is vital to remember most vegan cheeses are nut-based. If you’re allergic to nuts, be sure to ask what the vegan cheese is made from. 

Not so home-made, home-made vegan meals 

Home-cooked meals don’t have to be cooked in your own home to offer you all the wholesome goodness of slow food. Frozen premade meals are the home-made meals of the super busy, super tired and super lazy people around the world. 

Woolworths has expanded its range of premade meals and now also has plant-powered meals for hungry and busy vegans. The best thing about these meals is that their high in protein taking care of that one question every vegan on earth is tired of answering; “where do you get your protein?”.

U-cook has also remembered the vegans with Sarah Grahams vegan cottage pie. A nutty and delicious treat the whole family can enjoy. The cottage pie is one of U-Cooks craft meals made from recipes developed by South Africans top chefs for you to heat, eat and enjoy at home.

Veg out on vegan take-aways

Your families favourite take away haunts now also cater to vegans. Nando’s new Grande Salad is packed with veggie goodness (awesome for the vegans with a weight loss plan) and a delicious plant-based patty.

The Grande salad is both big and grand, unlike your typical lettuce and tomato salad, this one comes with all the trimmings and is grande enough to be considered a whole meal.

If you’re looking for quick, no fuss burgers leave the the cheese off the Steers vegeterian burger and make sure to skip the mayo too. The rolls are not buttered and the patty is egg free, certified vegan by the vegan society.


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