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Strong healthy hair is the best kind of hair! It can be curly, kinky or straight. Bouncy, flowing or gravity-defying; healthy hair is always goals.

Getting the right products for your hair is a great start to your journey to healthy hair, but what you put into your body also has a huge impact on the hair you grow. 

Get those good fats in

Moisture is a basic right for all our hair, and while you could be diligently moisturising from the outside, neglecting moisturising your hair from the inside could be what is letting down.

Eating foods that are rich in fatty acids is great for your overall health, but also great for your hair too. 

Your scalp (and your skin general) secretes oils to protect itself and your hair. 

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A diet rich in seeds, fatty fish, avocado and nuts can do wonders for your hair, it’s elasticity (vital if you like to style your hair) and of course that grease-free natural shine we all like.

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Beta-carotene for a better care routine 

Beta carotene is a plant pigment that gives red, orange, and yellow vegetables their colour and can be converted by the body into vitamin A. 

Vitamin A is a great food for your hair follicles and supports continues hair production which means thicker, fuller hair even as you age. 

Foods like carrots, sweet-potato are rich in beta carotene delivering super doses of vitamin A to your skin and hair contributing to rejuvenation and antiageing. 

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Zinc into that seafood

Seafood like oysters is rich in zinc, a super hair growth replenisher especially if you have suffered reversible hair loss. 

A zinc deficiency can present in hair loss, thinning hair and the sudden appearance of bald patches. 

Crab (even from a can) is an easy way to boost your zinc intake from delicious family meals.

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