We all like shortcuts when it comes to weight loss, the quicker and easier the better

Diet pills and drinks that promise to shrink your waistline and dial back the numbers on the scale have worked for many people for varying periods.
Although the biggest complaint people have about diet pills is gaining back the weight, it could be worse. These are the signs that your diet pills could be compromising your health.

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Dry mouth and the bad breath that comes with it

One of the things just about everyone knows about weight loss is that you need to drink a lot of water.
Don’t confuse a dry mouth for diligently drinking water. A dry mouth is one of the less threatening side effects of taking diet pills and can cause discomfort and bad breath.


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A runny tummy and cramps

Diarrhoea is a common side effect of diet pills, and while many people may consider it a type of detox, having diarrhoea for long periods can cause illness, piles and discomfort.
When you’re sick and have a runny tummy; you can and sometimes do lose weight, however this is not a healthy weight loss plan because it doesn’t allow your digestive system to work properly.
Frequent runny and sometimes acidic trips to the toilet can also damage your anus, causing discomfort and in extreme cases sores.
Diarrhoea is often accompanied by cramps which are a sign that your digestive system is in distress.

Diarrhoea can also lead to dehydration and bloody stools, both of which can be dangerous.


Dizziness and nausea

Dizziness and nausea can be caused by dehydration or sensitivity to appetite suppressants.
Diet pills and supplements that cause dizziness and nausea may cause secondary risks and accidents. Dizziness and nausea are also signs that you are either sensitive to stimulants in the pills, have developed dehydration, or possibly a hunger and an unhealthy calorie deficit.


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