Demi Moore recently made one of her childhood dreams a reality. She walked the runway Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2021 show at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris

“Fulfilling a teenage dream… Thank you @mrkimjones for having me open the @Fendi SS21 show and congratulations on a beautiful and magical debut!” she captioned an Instagram video of herself on the runway. 

While many of her fellow celebrities joined her in celebration, fans are worried that Demi may have fallen victim to a botched surgery. 


Why Demi why?

As Celebrities all over the world start getting more comfortable with the idea of growing older; celebrating the greys, and celebrating the laugh lines, it seems Demi is still fighting the clock. 

In 2007, the 58-year-old actress admitted to having spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on surgery in an effort to look younger. 

Her confession did not come as a surprise. She had already been rumoured to have gone under the knife for her role in Charlies Angels. 

Since then Demi has spoken out against ageism in the entertainment since then and also opened up about how her expensive surgeries didn’t’ seem to be getting her any roles anyway. 

Thinking she had retired from the plastic surgeons operating table, many fans were shocked by Demi’s runway debut and her gaunt appearance.


Botched Celebrities

If Demi’s look is a surgical mishap (as fans suspect) she will be joining the ranks of celebrities who tried to turn back time and ended up unrecognisable. 

Jocelyn Wildenstein, the late Joan Rivers, Mickey Rourke and a number of other celebrities have admitted to being ‘addicted’ plastic surgery. While the results aren’t always what they expect, they just can’t seem to stop. 


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