It is not often that one hears a story of a little bird that saves a family and completely turns their lives around.

This is just what happened in this incredible story about a Magpie which saved an Australian family.

In a video shared by 60 Minutes Australia, a heart-warming story is told about a special Magpie that became a lifesaver.

This bird, which is named Penguin, literally dropped into the Bloom family’s lives unexpectedly and changed them in a wonderful way. Penguin was able to teach Sam Bloom how to live again after a life-changing incident.

Sam Bloom is a mother of three who fell from her balcony and broke her back. This eventually caused her to become a paraplegic.

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Penguin came to the Bloom family after she fell from the tree.

“Everything was just caving in…it was just awful. And then this little Magpie fell from this tree and so it was instantly this distraction of someone else in the family,” said Sam’s husband Cameron.

Tragedy while on holiday

Sam’s accident took place while the family was on holiday in Thailand. She fell when a railing she was leaning on at the hotel they were staying in gave way causing her to fall two storeys down.

She fell backwards on concrete and soon started bleeding. All this happened with her husband watching, including her three young sons.

Sam underwent several surgeries and she was eventually told that her spine was severed.

“I was devastated. I think I cried every day for the first month,” she said after the doctor told her about her condition.

She ended up in a very dark place after the accident as her life had changed forever.

“I wanted to die. I wish I had died,” she said.

Then one day hope came, in the form of a bird that they ended up naming Penguin. She brought purpose and happiness again to Sam’s life.

Sam’s husband Cameron, who is a photographer, captured Penguin’s transformation and turned it into a book which became a bestseller and will soon be turned into a movie.

Watch more of this awesome story in the video below.

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