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Design diva Melanie Ewing of Chapters Interiors helps unpack the mysteries of size, scale and proportion to help home owners figure out a balance and harmony in their interiors.

Ewing believes that getting the scale, proportion and size right, will ensure that everything “sings in glorious harmony.” Get it wrong, and everything screeches at you.


Here’s this week’s question:

Q: We decided to paint all our walls white because I heard this opens up a room. But now it all just looks stark and dull. What can I do now?

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Melanie Ewing:

Texture is the answer to your woes! Flat, white surfaces can sometimes come across as stark, clinical and cold, so by adding texture, even in shades of white if you are leaning towards the all-white look, you can create a showstopping space. Texture creates visual interest, a sense of warmth, and can be incorporated into wall and floor tiles, wallpaper, fabrics and textiles, trims and surfaces.


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home decor white walls design
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