Last updated on Feb 1st, 2021 at 08:49 am

Renting a home is one of the biggest responsibilities that we undertake in our adult lives…

Although renting a home is exciting, it can feel less like home because it is a rental. Despair not, there are more than a few ways to make your rental feel more ‘homey’. Aside from occupying the space with your loved ones, making a rental feel like home can be achieved with some effort and some innovation.

Having a roof over your head, regardless of renting or owning is a privilege. Recognising that you have a structure that protects you from nature’s elements is the first step in making a rental feel like home. Protecting your home from theft or damage with a comprehensive home insurance policy is another way in which your rental can be made to feel more like home.

Paint your heart out

The walls of your rented home are your canvas. It is surprising how much a lick of paint in your favourite colour can make a house feel like a home.

Occupy your space with art

Hanging a painting that symbolises something to you can go a long way in making your rental feel like home. Displaying art in the form of a painting, mural or sculpture will give your rental a more personal feel and make it feel more like home.

Personalise each room

Allow each family member to help decorate and personalise each room to their preferred setting. Personalised rooms are a great way to add personality and make a rental feel more like home. Much like insurance policies that allow you to live your way, personalised spaces allow you to occupy your space!

Set the tone with lighting

The ambience of your rental can be set according to the way you want it. Lighting plays a big role in many houses and can be used to set the atmosphere. Choose your shade and preferred setting for the lighting in your rental and watch how it morphs into feeling more like home.

Decorate according to your artistic flair

The decor of any home speaks volumes about its owners. From the rugs on the floor to the scatter cushions lining the couch, decorate your rental the way you feel most comfortable, it is after all your home. Rental or not.

Spend money on quality furniture

Investing your money on your quality furniture for your rental will add to your feeling of contentment and make your rental feel more like home.

Having a home, rental or ownership is a tremendous responsibility. Feeling comfortable and settling in shouldn’t be a hassle and making your rental feel like home is as easy as doing some online shopping.

While you’re looking for a piece of furniture online, take some time to have a look at comprehensive car insurance policies that will cover you in case of an accident or theft of your vehicle. Protecting your assets, rented or owned is your responsibility and will only be more helpful than harmful in the long run.

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