An elderly man was out walking in a wilderness area in Australia’s Blue Mountains on Tuesday when he was attacked by a goat…

The man in his 60s sustained severe injuries to his leg after the goat rammed him and toppled him to the ground.

The area is known for its wild animals including koalas, kangaroos, wombats and even a few dingos. But the walker didn’t think he’d ever by in danger from a wild goat.

Footage from the scene of the incident showed that the paramedics had to move the goat away from its ‘victim’ before attending to him. The goat then calmly ate grass on the side of the road while the man was stabilised for transport in the ambulance.

According to an interview that one of the paramedics had with 9News, it was one of the more ‘bizarre’ incidents he’d ever been called out to.

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