Last updated on Feb 9th, 2021 at 01:28 pm

This year’s Valentine’s day is going to be very different from any other we’ve had before. While restaurants may still be busy, they’ll also be filled with anxiety and fear. Our romantic dinners will be mostly at home and first dates and first kisses are unlikely. 

But if this crazy time has taught us anything it is to love and appreciate the people in our lives so much more and also that if you want good food, you might just have to cook it yourself.

We’re keeping the romance at home this year and wining and dining that special someone with plates of homemade love. 

Don’t take too long in the kitchen

Whether you’re cooking or being cooked for, there is nothing romantic about spending hours in the kitchen so focused on your recipes that your date starts to feel lonely. 

Class up a one pasta meal with delicate plating and well-sourced ingredients for a quick, romantic and hearty meal you’ll both enjoy. 

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Unless you’re both super fans of the garlic, you might want to go easy on that just for this occasion. 

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Relax and take it easy

Romance doesn’t always have to be dolled-up and prissy. It can also be your favourite takeaways and laughter on the floor. 

Turn your valentines date into a pizza night and bond over baking your own pizzas and making the meal together. 

Fragrance your kitchen with aromatic curry or chow down on the best burgers ever.

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Keep desserts decadent

Dessert is definitely the most romantic course of them all. Keep it luscious and decadent and go all out to excite the entice. 

Chocolate, fruit and interactive eating (dip and feed) are a sweet way to end your meal. 

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Not just wine

Most people imagine romantic dinners followed by wine. Wine is one of the most romantic beverages and has been said to be an aphrodisiac. While we definitely want wine at our valentines tables, we also want a little something extra.

Cook up a delicious and flavourful sangria or create a signature wine drink for the occasion.

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