Travellers entering the UK from South Africa could be forced to pay R31,200 and spend 10 days in lockdown in hotels…

This is according to a probable new border control directive that Boris Johnson is expected to sign off on today. According to a report in The Mirror, this is in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and in particular, the new variant that has entered the UK from South Africa.

According to reports, the directive for forced quarantine will apply to travellers arriving in the UK from South Africa and Brazil. They will be required to spend ten days in isolation in airport hotels to ensure they don’t spread the virus. The room and board will be at the travellers’ own expense.

The UK has rolled out an extensive vaccination programme, but the introduction of new coronavirus variants may hinder its effects.

To date, over 6.5 million people have received their first vaccine dose, while around 470,000 have received the second dose.

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New infections in the UK are dropping slowly, but are still worrying On 25 January, a total of 22,195 new infections had been recorded within 24 hours, with 592 deaths recorded.


Foreign nationals from South Africa, Brazil and other high-risk countries have already been banned from entering the UK, but the new measures for quarantine will apply to British nationals.

There is speculation that certain people might be exempt from the isolation if they adhere to certain requirements and undergo Covid-19 testing. Pilots and airline crew as well as aerospace engineers and medical workers are amongst these possible exceptions.

The final details will be released by the British government following the meeting, but according to Paul Brand from ITV News, it would probably not happen immediately. “Would take a couple of weeks at least to set up, given logistics…” he Tweeted.



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