Nadia Jaftha spoke to All4Women about her involvement in the upcoming Conga Remix, produced by Boy1Da and featuring Meek Mill and Leslie Grace.

It’s not every day that we get to speak to content creator, model and super influencer Nadia Jaftha; in fact, it’s not everyday that anybody gets to speak to the Tropika: Island of Treasure winner! On the day I called her for a rare interview, she admitted “I don’t do these things very often!” – I considered myself very lucky!

Nadia made the time to speak to at All4Women about her involvement in one of Bacardi’s most exciting projects to date: the global remake of Gloria Estefan’s legendary hit song, Conga. The original features the famous Miami Sound Machine and after its release 35 years ago has had people of all ages dancing for decades.

The remake aims to be just as popular and to help amplify it, Bacardi invited talents from all over the world to join the new #CongaChallenge by and three South African stars heeded the call: Bontle Modiselle, Moonchild and Nadia Jaftha herself. 

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It was on this lively note that we kicked off our interview (after I made it clear that she had been on our interview bucket list for some time!) and Nadia could barely hide her excitement. 

How does it feel to be participating on the upcoming Conga remix?

It’s an exciting campaign to be involved in. The original song is iconic all over the world so to get to watch the remake unfolding is exciting and what’s great is that people from all over the world can participate. I’m not a professional dancer but I will be dancing in my video as part of the challenge. 


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There are some international names involved with the production of the remake, right? 

That’s correct! Meek Mill and Leslie Grace are two of the US artists on the new version and it will be produced by  Boy 1Da [Who has produced for the likes of Drake, Rihanna, Keri Hilson, DJ Khaled and more of the biggest names in American music]. The final video with the best selections from all over the world will also be premiering at the upcoming Grammy Awards so if your video made the cut, you might watch it there!


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I’m not much of a dancer but I might chip in with some vocals…

That’s okay, and yes some people have entered the challenge by sending their voice clips. But it’s not open to celebrities only, anybody who wants to be a part of it can contribute.

You’re not the only South African who has joined in the Conga remake. Local stars, Moonchild and Bontle Modiselle are also in on the fun right? 

That’s correct and they are just two fantastic women in their industries. They stand for positivity and upliftment of women everywhere and they are also great entertainers. 

[On Bontle’s dancing] Bontle Modiselle is an unbelievable dancer, I can’t even do some of the things she can do with her body!

Considering that alcohol sales are suspended in South Africa (and other countries like the UK), is this Bacardi’s way of keeping people safely at home during the pandemic? 

Well, maybe not entirely deliberately because these campaigns are usually plotted months in advance so it’s not like anybody predicted the latest alcohol bans. But at the same time Bacardi is a brand that is all about bringing people together even if it means being “remotely” together.

Conga is a truly universal song and I love that they’ve put a modern twist to it just so they can keep the tradition of the song alive.

Look out for the first global airing of the Conga Remix when it makes its debut at the 63rd Annual Grammys on Monday the 15th of March!

Also look out for part 2 of our interview with Nadia Jaftha where we talk about her most wanted fashion items and the truth behind those pranks on her mother!