Last updated on Jun 22nd, 2021 at 02:01 pm

Going back to the gym after months at home can be tough, but it’s a new year and health and fitness is a priority now more than ever.

Full-time adventurer and fitness fanatic and part-time glamazon Liezel Van der Westhuizen shared her must-have go to the gym and outdoor fitness accessories to inspire us to get back out there and #fetchyourbody2021.

Safety first 

Our long absence from the gym wasn’t by choice and while the doors to fitness have been reopened, the danger that kept us away is still very much with us.

Following safety protocols and doing her best to stay COVID free is top of mind for Liezel.

“The Wintergreen hygiene spray I have is essential. I’ll carry right through to even after lockdown. It is perfect for cleaning surfaces, sanitizing my hands, and does a good job of sanitizing the gym equipment I may handle,” she says.

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Liezen also carries not one but two sweat towels to the gym.

“One’s own gym towel is so important. I always carry two gym towels,” says Liezel. “People have a tendency to absent-mindedly wipe their faces with their one towel, and then also wipe down the gym equipment, and that is unhygienic,” she says.

Inside Liezel's Gym Bag!
Inside Liezel’s Gym Bag!

Don’t forget your own must-haves

One of the worst things about starting at the gym or trying to get back into your fitness routine again is forgetting all the things that make your workouts fun and comfortable.

Leizel loves music while she works out and works. Having a good pair of earphones on hand is an absolute must if you share Liezel’s love for a good tune.

“My JBL in-ear headphones are the next thing I always double-check that I have. They’re pink headphones which travel secure in a portable pocket-size pouch, which naturally also means they match with most of my wardrobe, and get me in a lighter mood to workout…or just work,” she explains.

If you like weight training and enjoy a bit of heavy lifting, then you definitely need to remember your training gloves.

“Training gloves are also a must, as there are abrasions you can develop on your palms, from handling exercise equipment,” she says.

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Travel light if you’re enjoying the great outdoors while hiking, running

Travelling light when exercising outdoors is a great tip, especially for beginner hikers campers and adventurers.

One thing you should never neglect to carry is water.

Make sure you look after the environment while you’re looking after yourself and enjoying the outdoor spaces.

A reusable mask and reusable water bottle can do a lot to preserve the environment and save you money without much inconvenience.

“I carry an environmentally-friendly reusable water bottle – and it’s as ethical in its design, as it is gorgeous in gold,” says Liezel.

Liezel also likes products that can double up for duty. Like the neck warmer which can be used as a face mask as well. “The Core Merino Neck Warmer (made from natural wool fibres that don’t irritate as regular wool is said to, and this product not even needing a wash after every use, by design) is perfect for doubling up as a secure face mask, as well as it warming my neck. The lightweight neck warmer is even more beloved thanks to it being a proudly South African product,” she adds. 

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